Charm Sniping and Shotgunning Demystified

There are many different guides out there already that describe the process of 'charm sniping' or 'talisman sniping', like the one by YoukaiSlayer. The idea is that with some luck and good timing you can trick the MH3U random number generator into giving you the precise talisman you want, cutting you on the effort of mining. Well, the process works for some, and doesn't for others, sometimes it works for some charms, sometimes you just can't get the one you want no matter how you try. Here I share with you the results of my own experiments (which took days), that build on and improve the information already out there.

PROTIP: Bouncebombs == torpedoes underwater

Yes that's right, the humble Bounce Bomb, with its limited uses on land is an incredible weapon underwater.

Finally... Dire Miralis drop percentages

The Dire Miralis data is missing from all official guides, in respect of its Elder Dragon dignity. But thanks to the Monster Hunter community, I present the carve, quest and break percentages for the mysterious Dire Miralis.

PROTIP: Tanzia Chips are actually useful

Poisoned? Low on potions? Try a Tanzia Chip to recover the red part of your health bar instantly!

PROTIP: Crouch when carving and gathering

Don't break your back hunter!

Help research Dire Miralis and Alatreon rewards

If you're going to hunt Dire Miralis or Alatreon, consider filling out a quick Hunt Report form.

PROTIP: Free Hunt monsters for superior rewards

This really comes as a surprise to most hunters, but Free Hunt is amazing.

PROTIP: Mining, bug catching and gathering from monsters

While you can carve every monster after killing it...